People around the world say why Tibet matters… to them and humanity
What special meaning does Tibet hold for you?  What are the living treasures of Tibet that enrich our world?  What does the world lose if the unique Tibetan culture and way of life is lost?  Help the Tibetan people’s struggle by sharing your thoughts and feelings. Read more
Watch our introduction narrated by Peter Coyote with music by Nawang Khechog. Click on any of the thumbnails or visit the WhyTibet YouTube channel to explore all the videos and playlists.
Cultural heritage of the whole of humanity
Deep-rooted spirituality in Tibetan culture
Gentle indigenous people taken over cruelly and unfairly
Tibetans have the right to live the way they know how
Living culture in tune with human nature
2500 year-old culture of peace and compassion
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Visit the WhyTibet YouTube channel and explore the uploaded videos. Each video is 60 seconds or less. Search the channel for specific topics or check out the playlists.