Speak out for Tibet: submit your own video
Video yourself or others.  Upload your video to YouTube then fill in the form below.  We’ll review your submission, and if your video follows our guidelines and supports the goal of WhyTibet, we’ll add it to playlists on the WhyTibet YouTube channel.
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Submission Guidelines

Making Your Video

Spoken narrative  We encourage you to submit videos of a person speaking. Alternatively, a voice may be accompanied by images and text.

Opening words  Start the video with words like “Tibet matters because …” or “Why Tibet? Because…”. Do not include an opening title.

One minute limit  Only videos 60 seconds or less will be accepted. No exceptions!

Clear sound is crucial  Shoot in a quiet environment and make sure the speaker can be clearly heard.

Background music  Videos may have background music but you must have permission to use it. Royalty free music can be found on the web.

Light the speaker’s face  For best results, make sure light is on the speaker’s face and not shining from behind.

Don’t use the WhyTibet logo  Our logo is trademarked so please don’t use it in your video.

Uploading Your Video

Upload your video to YouTube  Click here to create a YouTube account if you don’t already have one. Specify the following Basic Info for your uploaded video.

Give your video a title  Use a title beginning “Why Tibet?”. Ex.: “Why Tibet? Tibetan Buddhism is a source of healing for humanity”.

Provide a description  Give a brief description of the video’s focus and what topics it covers. Include the first name, city and country of the person speaking in the video.

Use tags to help searches  Tag your video “whytibet” to identify it as a WhyTibet video. Add other tags to highlight topics (ex.: “cuisine”), match WhyTibet playlists (ex.: “cultural heritage”), and anything else that will help people find your video such as the background of the speaker (ex.: “French student”).

Select these settings  Privacy and publish=”Public”. License and rights ownership=”Creative Commons – Attribution”. Advanced Settings: Syndication=”Yes”. Embedding =”Enable Embedding”.

For more help  support.google.com/youtube

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